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Your investment in your website is significant, and we understand the potential repercussions of unexpected downtime or security breaches – not only in terms of lost revenue but also in customer trust.

That’s precisely why we offer our Maintenance & Hosting Care Plans to provide our clients with complete peace of mind. By opting for one of our Care Plans you can rest assured that we take care of all the necessary updates and backups for your website. In the unfortunate event of a hack or crash, we are equipped with the tools and expertise to swiftly debug the issue and restore your website to its optimal state, minimising any disruptions to your online presence and business operations.

With our Care Plans, you can confidently focus on your core business while leaving the safeguarding and maintenance of your website in our capable hands.

our rates

Essentials Care Plan *

No Contract Required
R 950
  • 50GB Storage
  • 100GB Monthly Traffic
  • Daily Cloud Backups
  • SSL Certificate
  • Security Checks
  • Core WordPress Updates

Standard Care Plan **

No Contract Required
R 1950
  • 100GB Storage
  • 200GB Monthly Traffic
  • everything in ESSENTIALS
  • Plugin Updates
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Link Monitoring
  • Monthly Client Reports
  • 3 Hours Website Support & Updates

Premium Care Plan ***

No Contract Required
R 2450
  • 150GB Storage
  • everything in STANDARD
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Image Optimisation
  • Object Cache
  • 3 Additional Hours of Website Support & Updates


Daily Cloud Backups

Off-site cloud backups giving you peace of mind. It’s imperative to have an up-to-date backup of your website. We can schedule daily backups as well as make on-demand backups, making sure that your website is safe in case disaster strikes.

Security Checks

Regular security checks help to ensure your website is free from malware, known viruses and vulnerabilities. We also check blacklists.  If any files becomes infected we can act quickly to clean the website before it becomes a problem.

WordPress Core Updates

Core upgrades are vital to keeping your WordPress website safe and operating optimally. Part of these updates typically include security patches, new features and other optimisations.

Plugin Updates

Plugins and themes are weaknesses if left ignored.  We constantly update all your website plugins, as bugs are fixed and other improvements are made. It's important to keep all plugins updated for your website to remain stable.

Uptime Monitoring

A robot will “ping” your website every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day and if your site is down, we are immediately notified by SMS. All fixes are assessed and quoted on a time and materials basis.

Link Monitoring

Broken links frustrate visitors and mess with your website's ranking. Luckily, you no longer have to put up with it. Our Link Monitor keeps tabs on your links and notifies us so we can rectify them immediately.

Monthly Reports

We will email you a detailed monthly PDF report on how your site has performed. The report includes a list of plugin updates, security scans, performance checks, up-time score and basic Google Analytics stats.

Performance Monitoring

The autonomy of managing our own AWS cloud servers grants us the agility to adapt and optimise your website continuously.  If your website speed dips below industry standard, we will be notified.

Image Optimisation

Large image sizes can bloat the size of your website and slow your website down drastically.  We ensure that your images stay high-quality, whilst reducing them to the smallest possible size. This lightens web pages and reduces loading times.

Object Cache

Object caching stores database query results, serving future requests from the cache without accessing the database. This reduces load on the database and server, leading to faster query responses and improved site performance.

Website Support & Content Updates *

Our monthly support & updates include editing pages, updating content, uploading pdf files and images, technical support and general website advice.  This does not include redevelopment or additional functionality.


Most websites, including custom WordPress websites, require regular “check-ups” to maintain their security, site performance and search engine optimisation health. 

WordPress powers one-third of all websites that exist on the web today and therefore draws a lot more attention from malicious bots and hackers.  Hacked websites can be damaging to both your business and your customers. If your site is hacked, it can have detrimental effects on your customers’ sensitive information and on your reputation.  Therefore consistent website maintenance is an essential part of the upkeep of any site. 

To maintain a secure, full-functioning site, certain tasks must be completed weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Staying on top of all of these tasks can quickly become a full-time job for any business owner.

Yes, you can cancel anytime with a month’s notice. You are under no obligation to continue with the ongoing service.

Please note that any 3rd party integrations or plugins that are included on your site whilst your care plan is in force, will be disconnected on cancellation and you will be liable to license these items yourself if you want to keep them current and updated.

All care plans include full offsite cloud backups i.e. WordPress files & database.

Besides providing daily backup, we can also provide on-demand backups if required.

You can upgrade at any time to a higher package. You may also downgrade at any time after giving a month’s notice.

The purpose of our Care Plans is preventative care, so we take extra care and measures to prevent this from happening. However, in the case of your website getting hacked or needing emergency care, we can restore your site from our daily backups.


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